Do you love being a Kroc Member? Share the love and be rewarded!

When you help us welcome new members into our Kroc family, you’ll receive 20% OFF your next month’s membership fees, and the member you refer will SAVE 20% on their first month of membership. When you refer more than one member, this benefit extends to future months, so you could end up saving 20% for 12 MONTHS out of the year!

Can you think of friends & family members who would love the Kroc?

  • Family members who could benefit from SilverSneakers® & Senior classes on land and in the pool?
  • Friends with kids who love gymnastics, dance, swim lessons & art?
  • Single friends or young couples who love working out in the Fitness Center, playing sports in the Gym, or swimming laps in the Pool?

Parent and Tot Soccer

How do you make it happen? It’s easy!

Come in with the new member when they register, and tell our front desk staff you’re a current member who is referring them, so we can credit your account.


Send them in to register and make sure they tell our staff at the front desk that a current member referred them. If they give us your full name, we can find your membership account and apply your discount.