The Kroc Center Senior Life program is dedicated to improving the lives of Seniors in our community through physical, social and spiritual wellness programming. Browse this page to see what we’re currently offering, not only for our Senior members, but for the public as well!

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Seniors gathered around a table doing watercolor painting.
Seniors playing pickleball in the Kroc gym.


The Kroc Center offers many social, physical, and spiritual opportunities for wellness. Swing by our coffee and conversations, stop in at a sip n’ stich or sign up for one of the group fitness or water fitness classes at the Kroc! View the classes currently open for online registration by clicking the button below.


Stay active! Use light weights, bands and chairs to focus on balance and flexibility.

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A more advanced spin on traditional Silver Sneakers class- this standing class incorporates athletic based exercises and conditioning that focuses on major muscle groups. The focus of this class is toning muscles and building overall strength.  Bands and weights are used. Intermediate level.

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Slow-paced, relaxing practice that will include a variety of postures, breathing, and movement techniques. This class is a perfect way to reset and refocus, concentrating on physical health and mental well-being. Chair is also offered/used for some movements.

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Total body stretching to energizing Christian music. Great for the body and soul!

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A fun dance workout to upbeat Latin/International music. Zumba Gold modifies traditional moves into a lower-intensity workout great for active older adults.

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Senior Fit focuses increasing mobility, flexibility, balance, and functional strength. Specific techniques are dedicated to strengthening muscles and increasing range of motion for daily life activities. Equipment includes hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles a ball or band. Often a chair is used for seated exercises or standing support.

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Guard against impact stress on your lower body joints by avoiding contact with the bottom of the pool using buoyancy belts and deep-water exercise.  This class offers a way to work out with little to no impact.  Float weights and other resistance aids are used along with choreography of water exercises to create an aerobic workout that largely benefits the core of the body.  All levels.

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This non-impact class focuses on using water resistance and aids to open joints and strengthen surrounding muscles and tissues. The water allows for the increase in range of motion, gentle stretching, balance and postural awareness. This Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise based class is ideal for people of all ages who suffer from arthritis, muscular and joint discomfort, or recovering from a hip, knee, or shoulder injury. Beginner level.

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Low-impact movements and water resistance exercise taught by certified instructors in Silver Sneakers programming.  Great for older adults that desire the benefits of water exercise and a healthy social environment.  Exercises will include a wide range of movements that are designed to improve blood flow, strength, speed, balance, postural awareness, agility, coordination, endurance and flexibility.

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A high energy class designed for the excited water exercise person. Class design includes water exercise moves choreographed with high energy, family friendly music.  This class will get your blood pumping!  During active recovery periods in each class, participants will use various water resistance aids to improve strength and endurance.  The emphasis of this class is to have fun while increasing endurance and strength! All levels.

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Aqua Cycling is a low-impact cardio workout that is easy on your joints but still gets your heart rate up! Go at your own pace – the water creates natural resistance to make your workout as intense as you want it. It’s as easy as riding a bike!

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Free Senior Workouts Streaming Live

Members and non-members can join us Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:00 am for our Senior Fit fitness classes. Each class is 45 minutes. Join us from home to work on flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. Bring a chair and light weights if you have them.


1. Register for your desired class date and time by clicking HERE and scrolling down to the schedule of classes.

2. Once you register you’ll receive an email with a link for the class and a password.

2. Just before class time, log into your Zoom account and use the link in your email to join class.


You’re welcome to join ANY of our streaming fitness classes. Find the full schedule on our Group Fitness Classes Page.

Senior woman sits on a yoga mat with her laptop out, ready to participate in a virtual fitness class.


Step 1. Download Zoom to your mobile device or computer and follow their directions to create a free account

Step 2. If you are registering in advance for a workout, you can now click the registration link to register for that class

Step 3. A few minutes before your meeting or class, open the app and click “Join Meeting”

Step 4. Enter the Meeting ID, your name and email address

Step 5. If on mobile, select “Connect using internet audio.” If on desktop, select “Use computer audio”

Step 6. Turning on your video is optional. If your video is on, the instructor can see you. However your audio must be on to hear the class or meeting.


WHO: Men and women over the age of 65 with certain retirement or Medicare benefits.

WHY: Maintain a healthy lifestyle as you age.

HOW: Call 920.884.5007 for more information, or stop into the center.

If you’re a group retiree or part of a Medicare health plan you may already have a benefit like SilverSneakers, Renew Active/One Pass, or Silver&Fit available to you. Inquire about signing up for a free membership by calling today!