Welcome to Character Building!

If you’re part of the Kroc Church, you’re probably already familiar with our Character Building program. Through this program, kids can learn positive social and communication habits, decision making, and life skills with character and leadership. This is done through a Biblical worldview by encouraging a sense of personal identity and character, while assets and tools are being planted into their lives for them to be successful in the future.

Graphic for the Parent Cue app, with icons showing the app is available in the App Store and Google Play store.
We love the Parent Cue app for families!
The Parent Cue App cues you to have simple and meaningful faith-moments with your kid that will fit seamlessly into the daily rhythm of your life.
Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Character Building Groups

Moonbeams: Girls and Boys, Ages 4-5

The goal of the Moonbeam program is to help boys and girls develop:

  • Positive social and communication habits
  • Artistic flare and giftedness through a Biblical worldview
  • Christian values and Biblical principles

Sunbeams: Girls, Grades 1-5

The goal of the Sunbeam program is to help girls develop:

  • Personal growth spiritually, mentally, physically and socially
  • Fun activities earning badges, learning confidence and life skills
  • Understanding and loving God in service to others

Girl Guards: Girls, Grades 6-12

The goal of the Girl Guard program is to  help girls develop:

  • Four-fold aim of spiritual, mental, physical and social growth
  • Learn how to live in an adult world as a confident, positive young woman who makes a difference
  • Attain a closer relationship with God through Bible study

Adventure Corps: Boys, Grades 1-5 and 6-12

The purpose of Adventure Corps is to provide a program that gives boys an opportunity for:

  • Personal growth spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially
  • To increase his understanding of service to others by exploring God’s Word and God’s world